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To install Flojoy, firstly there are a few prequisites needed on your machine.

  • Python
    • A suitable python installation with pip. Minimum version requirement for Python is 3.10 and 20.0 for pip. You can download Python for your OS from here
    • It may be worthwhile to create a virtual environment to use with Flojoy to ensure cross-module compatibility. You can find instruction on how to create a Python virtual env here (only for Mac/Unix)
  • Node
    • Nodejs is required to run the primary application. You can see the installation instructions for Nodejs here.
  • Redis (For Mac & Linux)
    • Redis is an open-source, in-memory data store used by Flojoy. It can be installed by the instructions here.
  • Memurai (For Windows)
    • Memurai is an alternative of Redis for Windows platform. It can be downloaded and installed from official website here
To install Flojoy on Mac & Linux:
  1. Clone the repo with --recursive argument as follows: git clone --recursive

  2. CD into the project root cd studio

  3. Run $ bash flojoy

    • If you have virtual environment installed, you can provide the path to the virtualenv folder as follows:
        bash flojoy -v venv # venv is the name of the virtual environment folder.
    • You can provide optional argument -r which will shut down the existing redis server and spin up a fresh one
    • You can provide -n argument to skip installing Javascript packages.
    • You can provide -p argument to skip installing python packages.
    • Optionally you can provide port number followed by -P argument to run backend server on a specific port.

There will be many terminal windows open after running the script. These correspond to the Django server, the RQ worker, and the React terminal. Do not panic!